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     Shibooyah produces video content covering Japan, games, toys, popular culture, and more. Check out what we're doing at our official YouTube channel and preview some of our video series below!

[YouTube Video Series]

SHIBOOYAH LIFE : Shampoo presents the cultures of both Japan and the U.S. From videos about everday Japan, to talks about his favorite Japanese street racing movies.

Shibooyah Let's Play : Shampoo and DJ Light check out a variety of Japanese video games, old and new, usually devoting one video per game.

Shibooyah Playlists : Shampoo creates hand-picked playlists for J-Pop, J-Hip Hop, J-R&B, and J-Reggae. New tracks are recommended and added each month.


     Watch Shampoo, Light, and Free playing video games live on twitch! From Shampoo and Free's SFV nights to Light's Mega Man X speedruns, we stream a variety of games, both new and old. We also have a PS4 Community, open for anyone to join, called 'Shibooyah'!

[Twitch Live Schedule]

Shibooyah LIVE! : Shampoo and Free play their favorite games for the PS4 and Xbox One. Open for Shibooyah fans to join! Runs Fridays at 7pm Eastern Time. (Previously featured games: Killer Instinct, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round)

Watch more Shibooyah videos at www.youtube.com/shibooyah Watch live video from Shibooyah on www.twitch.tv/shibooyah_

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