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What does "Shibooyah" mean?

     "Shibooyah" is a play on words. It represents the integration of Japanese and American culture. The first half, "Shib," comes from the spelling of Tokyo's Shibuya district. The second half, "booyah," comes from the English slang "booyah!" And there you have it, Japanese district names and English slang coming together to form "Shibooyah!"

Who is Shibooyah? Where is Shibooyah located?

     Shibooyah was founded by Shampoo and DJ Light. We receive support and assistance in our works from Mrs. Shampoo and Free. Shibooyah content is produced both from the U.S. and Japan.

Shampoo (シャンプー)

Shampoo handles the web design and maintenance of the Shibooyah site. He's interested in games, owning both a Japanese Wii U and PS4. Shampoo is also a big Godzilla fan, collecting both the DVDs and figures.

Shampoo currently resides in Japan.

DJ Light (DJライト)

DJ Light creates any and all music utilized on the site and our videos, and also contributes to streaming on Twitch. He's into games and anime such as Ruruoni Kenshin and Naruto. He also enjoys cooking.

DJ Light currently resides in the United States.

Mrs. Shampoo (Mrs.シャンプー)

Mrs. Shampoo contributes to voice samples used in DJ Light's works, and is also our consultant for Japanese and topics relating to the culture of Japan. She loves Sailor Moon and the Sylvanian Families toys. She also enjoys the rural countryside scenery of the U.S., the Berenstain Bears books, and admires Tasha Tudor.

Mrs. Shampoo currently resides in Japan.

How can I support or provide assistance to Shibooyah?

     Thanks! You can support us by spreading the word, liking our Facebook, following us on Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, or by subscribing to our YouTube page. Additionally, any funds received by the donation link on our contact page will be used exclusively for the Shibooyah site and its contents.

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